Nehalem Bay Winery

McCoy was travelling on the Northern Oregon Coast when he discovered an old, abandoned creamery, the old Mohler Creamery. The creamery had been a part of the Tillamook Creamery Co-op producing cheese, milk and butter from 1909 to 1959. He looked at the old decrepit building and saw a potential winery in its place.

McCoy's first production was of blackberry wine on April 1st, 1974. The blackberry wine is still a favorite. One by one he added other wines and started working on and renovating the building.

In 1991 Ray Shackelford met Pat and an instant friendship started as well as an instant business relationship. Ray bought controlling interest in the business and later in 1993 when Patrick went to meet the great winemaker in the sky Ray bought the whole kit and caboodle including the name and the real estate.